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Make a Wish

The flower-filled birthday candles Birthjays take the cake...
By Sensi Staff
Photo - Courtesy of Birthjays
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Michael Scherr of Higher Celebrations has partnered with Northeast Alternatives in Fall River to exclusively debut NEA award-winning flower-filled birthday candles called BirthJays, to Massachusetts consumers and adult visitors.

The cannabis business is often fostered through relationships. Scherr’s long-time friend Hillary King, NEA’s director of wholesale, approached him with the idea of bringing his well-known novelty cones to the Massachusetts market filled with NEA’s highly awarded, cultivated flower.

BirthJays are now available in various strains, giving consumers options to elevate their celebrations. The current offerings are Zsweet Inzanity, Tropsanto #7, Runtz OG, and Girl Scout Cookies, but they may change as new and different strains are harvested.

BirthJays can be used to celebrate America’s birthday, July 4th, or any other reason to blow out a candle and then burn that candle down with your companions. BirthJays have been seen celebrating with Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong, NBA’s Kevin Durant, Afroman, and more.

In June, NEA and Higher Celebrations launched their new PrideJays, exclusively available at the Northeast Alternatives Fall River location, to celebrate Pride Month.

A portion of the proceeds ($.50) from each PrideJay purchased was donated to the Boston chapter of the nonprofit Gay 4 Good, which mobilizes LGBTQ+ and allies to promote diversity, foster inclusion, and promote LGBTQ+ visibility. — Meredith Freed