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Listen Up

By Sensi Staff
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These easy-to-wear in-ear headphones are truly in your head—they adapt to your hearing. Say what? That’s right. They actually send sound into your eardrum that then informs the system about the best way to play for your individual hearing. The result is bass that hits the back of your brain and sharp clarity on every note. 

$199 /


JBL Party Box 300

This sturdy, portable Bluetooth speaker turns any space into a mini-rave thanks to a light system that synchronizes colors to the beat—and three settings mean you can pick up or slow down the tempo. Beyond the optics, it pumps out clean sound and runs on a rechargeable battery that
keeps the party going for up to 18 hours. 

$400 /



Crosley Switch II Entertainment System

A throwback to the days when a record player was the center of the musical experience, Crosley’s practical system oozes retro cool and still cranks out pleasant sound. A belt drive keeps those 45s and LPs spinning, and this set will add a groovy feel to any room—even when it’s not playing. 

$170 /

Bose headphonesHEADPHONES

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

With so many options on the market, it’s tough to say that one single set of headphones rises above the rest—until you try these. Sleek and comfortable on your skull, they deliver sound that’s so full it’s almost tangible. Eleven settings (Nigel Tufnel be praised!) let you dial in the amount of noise canceling you want, from none at all (smart for when you’re walking on city streets) to full-on (perfect for tuning out all the drama of being stuck at home). 

$380 /


Logitech Z313 Speaker System with Subwoofer

This compact speaker and subwoofer set delivers deep, crisp sound and hooks up to a wide range of devices—from your laptop to your smartphone to your TV—as long as they have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It’s the ideal music system for a workstation if you want to share tunes with your office mates, or, as things go in the days of COVID-19, if you just want to have your own private dance party in between deadlines. 

$50 /