Sensi Leadership Team


Chief Executive Officer

Stephanie Graziano’s diverse background across the business landscape also brings a proven track record in community building, content development, licensing and merchandising, as well as functional corporate stewardship and oversight. Sensi Media Group is an award-winning, Colorado-based cannabis lifestyle print and digital publishing company. Sensi Media’s flagship publication Sensi Magazine is a well-known industry leader and culture curator – rooted in cultivating community and elevating experience for all stakeholders.

Founder Sensi Media Group

Ron is a business leader with 20+ years experience in recruiting, marketing and advertising in the publishing industry. In 2016, he launched Sensi Media Group and published Sensi Magazine. Ron’s strength is his vision—the ability to visualize the future and see the path forward to its realization. His passion is helping people grow, and his strength is team building, especially in sales training and development. Ron believes culture is key to a company’s success. Culture that elevates people and sets them on a growth path is called success at Sensi.

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Sensi Magazine

Stephanie leads a team of creatives making monthly magazines across the country, and she runs the flagship Denver/Boulder edition. Her favorite place to be is somewhere in the sun reading magazines, a medium the elder millennial has been obsessed with since she read her first Sassy, which led her to a journalism degree and a career creating award winning publications. At 27, Stephanie became editorial director of Haute Living. The high-profile role earned her a spot on Miami’s “Power 30 Under 30.” In 2015, she moved to Denver on a whim, met Ron Kolb and started making big plans to change the world.

Senior Project Director

Regional Executive, Sensi East

Director of Marketing

Production Director

Deputy Director, Global Reach

Richard William Guerra is a Boston-based writer, musician and digital/interpersonal communications extraordinaire. As Deputy Director of Global Reach at Sensi Media Group, he focuses his energy on the expansion of the brand’s digital media & entertainment impact.

He is a Texan native who spent his youth exploring a variety of music and arts scenes in Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Austin. Since moving to Boston in 2006, he expanded his education in social media marketing, poetry, and digital photography while earning his Bachelor of Science in Journalism with a Minor in Religious Studies from Boston University. In 2009, he co-founded the online cultural magazine,, acting as Editor-in-Chief.

In 2017, he entered the cannabis industry as Associate Publisher at Sensi Magazine Denver/Boulder, eventually becoming Market Director of Sensi’s New England market in 2020. He draws inspiration from the Beat movement, Gonzo Journalism, and innovative electronic music production.

Corporate Accounting