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In a Class of it’s Own

Dime industries brings the luxury experience to vapes...
By Debbie Hall
Photography - Courtesy of Dime Hq and Dime Oklahoma Staff
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In a Class of it's Own blog image

The word “dime” has been used synonymously with cannabis culture and as one of the coolest ways to describe something with a 10/10 rating. Dime Industries, a leading producer of vape pens, cartridges, and specialized cannabis oil blends, has lived up to that moniker.

Through its unique product design, innovative products, hardworking team, and involvement in the community, the company has curated a luxury cannabis experience that everyone can enjoy.

Before officially forming Dime Industries in 2016 the founders began manufacturing concentrates and distillates in early 2013. At the time, vape pens solidified a new market and Dime began white-labeling cartridges for other brands as a way to sell their own formulations.

The result was a vape cartridge with high-quality tank hardware that delivers large vapor clouds while preserving authentic flavors from the extract. From start to finish, the zero-waste atomizer (which ensures no oil is wasted), inverted dual ceramic plates (for optimal combustion), and food-grade stainless steel work seamlessly with the company’s unique cannabis formulations.

Their cartridges are paired with the company’s fourth-generation variable heat setting battery creating a stylish combo with their Signature Line Tanks and Live Reserve Tanks.

“The founders wanted to take vape cartridges to a new level, and even to this day, upgrades are made to the hardware to keep it top of the line,” says Sarah Edwards, director of operations for Dime Oklahoma. “For instance, our All-in-One device takes our original hardware with a few upgrades along the way and combines the tank and battery in one.”

A big sooner state welcome

Dime proved to be so successful in California that they used that momentum to expand into two states: Arizona and Oklahoma.

Dime Industries hit the Oklahoma market in March 2020 but faced two immediate challenges: an evolving local cannabis community and a global pandemic. Team Dime Oklahoma navigated both and is now one of the top brands and products in the state.

Edwards was tasked with leading Team Dime Oklahoma as director of operations. She brought a diverse background to the company, including serving as a medic in the U.S. Army Reserves while pursuing an MBA. She pivoted into the pharmaceutical industry and became an entrepreneur, including owning a winery in Oklahoma City.

“I had been in the industry following the passing of 788 (the bill that legalized medical cannabis in Oklahoma) and understood the market well and what it could mean for Dime,” says Edwards. “Everyone in the industry has had its share of bumps and bruises during COVID, but we learn from it and keep moving forward.

“What amazes me is hearing from total strangers and friends how much they enjoy the product,” she adds. “I am stopped in a store because I am wearing a Dime T-shirt, and the person will smile and pull their Dime out of their pocket.”

Madi Saum, a sales rep at Dime Oklahoma, echoes this: “The most rewarding feedback I have received is how our products help the people in our community,” she says. “Nothing feels better than helping a patient find a product that makes a difference in their everyday life.”

A growth mindset

Team Dime Oklahoma continues to grow. In March 2023, they moved to a new production and warehouse facility in Oklahoma City. They are run in part by a small but mighty 16-member team, most born and raised in Oklahoma, known as the Dime Oklahomies! 

The Oklahomies! include three members with a combined 15 years of military service and a veteran of 28 years. Other team members include parents of special needs children, volunteers who serve nonprofits in the community, and the younger generation learning new business practices about the cannabis industry, including taking relevant college courses.

Photo by Alex Mcdaniel

The group also supports various local charities and nonprofits. It could be a financial donation, labor, or something as simple as installing a popup tent to block the sun during an event.

A few of its past and current community partners include a foster care organization for Christmas, various veterans programs, Plaza Walls, High in Heelz, Dope Women + Weed, OKC Pride, OKC Humane Society, and an ongoing stuff ed-backpack drive for people experiencing homelessness.

This year, Dime Oklahoma plans to collaborate with a women’s group to work on a breast cancer awareness project and expand its community outreach and involvement. They also offer product education initiatives for vendors and consumers on why Dime products are unique compared to most vape tanks.

What’s in store

Dime’s has expanded its original Signature Line of 10 strains to include new ones like Forbidden Apple, Cantaloupe Dream, Banana Punch, Sour Grape, and King Louis XIII. The most popular strains purchased in the Oklahoma market include Blueberry Lemon Haze, Pink Lemon Haze, and Limited Editions, which are dropped quarterly.

Dime Industries, through collaborations, also introduced a full line of concentrates in various consistencies, which dispensaries in Oklahoma now carry: rosin, sugar, badder, crumble, and diamonds. 

Dime Industries is also known for its unique crossing of strains. “My favorite Dime strain is Mango Diesel,” says local artist and Dime brand ambassador DJ LiTEBRiTE.

“The cross of sour diesel and mango gives a tropical flavor while allowing me to focus. The battery and tank are such an aesthetic.”

As for the coming year, Dime is expected to introduce an encore of a fan-fav limited edition and a completely balanced new release. “Also, on the list is a pop-blast from my past I cannot wait to unleash,” says Edwards.

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What amazes me is hearing from total strangers and friends how much they enjoy the product. I’m stopped in a store because I’m wearing a Dime T-shirt, and the person will smile and pull their Dime out of their pocket.

Sarah Edwards, Director of Operations, Dime Oklahoma City