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Head in the Cloud

Take the staycation of a lifetime at Cloud Camp, part of the Broadmoor Wilderness Experiences...
By Sensi Staff
Photo - Courtesy of Cloud Camp
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Originally opened in 1926 with great fanfare of marching bands, exotic animals, cowboys, and wealthy influencers of the day, the Cheyenne Mountain Highway must have seemed extremely steep, windy, and treacherous when it ­first opened to bring guests to the top of Cheyenne Mountain, high above the greater Pikes Peak region.

Remotely and privately located above Olympic City, USA—otherwise known as Colorado Springs—Cloud Camp is owned and operated by the famed Broadmoor Hotel, an international upscale destination hotel and resort continuously operating since 1918.

Broadmoor founder Spencer Penrose built the road as well as the camp’s original lodge. The exotic animals he was so fond of and that once roamed the grounds of the Broadmoor and up above at Cheyenne Lodge eventually found their home at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (the highest zoo in North America).

The gateway to the Cheyenne Mountain Highway, the stunning Will Rogers Shrine (with its unusual tower and daily chimes sending vibes out across the city since 1937), and on up 3,000 vertical feet to Cloud Camp, was rebuilt and reopened by the Broadmoor in 2014.

The timber frame 8,500-square-foot main lodge with wrapped decks is stunning, the art is incredible and haunting, and the views of Pikes Peak and the southern Front Range are breathtaking, with a private, unobstructed vantage point. A modern overlook meeting room for private events doubles as a yoga studio.

We all know there’s more than one way to get high in Colorado, and this is de­finitely one of the best and most exclusive. It is highly recommended for large private groups or intimate personal getaways, whether it’s a top-secret corporate strategy meeting, a writing retreat, or the celebration of an important anniversary.

Even though parts of “The Springs” can sometimes feel like you’ve been transported back to the early 1990s into a Beavis and Butt-head cartoon, the Broadmoor and the surrounding foothills are a shining beacon of serenity and access for an otherwise lesser celebrated area of Colorado’s beauty and recreational opportunities.

The Cave of the Winds, Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, and other natural wonders add to the region’s spectacle, history, and inspiration, just an hour south of

Denver. The all-inclusive Wilderness Experiences operate from April through October and offer exceptional natural settings, outdoor sports like archery and fly ­fishing, and one-of-a-kind stays seamlessly blended with the Broadmoor’s signature luxury hospitality. — AB