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Eternal Blue Sky

 Night has fallen in Mongolian taiga near the Russian boarder, thousands of miles from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. We wait around the bonfire for the ceremonial drum to dry out after a sudden rain storm has soaked it. The spirits will not come until the drum regains its proper sound. The touchier (translator) sits to the...

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Minor Keys

 Kyler Nipper and his family’s medical marijuana journey began with a sharp pencil. When the family was living in Colorado, a classmate bullied Kyler about his shoes and then, later, in the hallway of their school. Without any provocation, he stabbed Kyler in the chest with a pencil. Kyler was just 11 years old at the time...

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Myco Moment

Plaid. Pink. Pineapples. Minimalism. Maximalism. Mushrooms. What these things share in common, aside from alliteration, is that they all have recurring moments—in art, in home décor, on the runways—bouncing in and out of the zeitgeist, embraced one decade and shunned the next.  Mushrooms, though. For the weird at heart, fungi never go out of style. There’s just something...

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On The Cover: Jane Says

Photo Credits: Photography by Andrew Bydlon / Hair + Makeup by Anderson Gonzalez So picture this: it’s a warm evening in the waning days of summer, and you’re in California Wine Country on your first trip in the post-COVD-19 world—the afterworld, an open world, a healthy world, a world filled with laughter and joy and experiences and friends....

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It Happened Here

Photo by Elliot Whitehead (@elliot.whitehead / whitehead.works) I was struggling to write an article about a traumatic breakup with my yoga studio when my daughter called to tell me there was an active shooter at the neighborhood grocery store we frequented almost daily for 25 years. I abandoned the prose (which no longer mattered) and hopped online to...

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National: From Reefer Man to Method Man

  Ganja and song seem to cross all borders. Today more than ever. The octogenarian country icon Willie Nelson (“roll me up and smoke me when I die”) is peddling his branded Willie’s Reserve strains just as he does his albums. You can pick up a couple grams of Khalifa Kush to enjoy alongside the latest Wiz Khalifa...

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Cannabis Glows Up

It’s time to curate your collection of accessories for the next big home design trend: cannabis carts. Because bar carts are so 2020, and we are so over 2020. Dancing bears, tie-dye tapestries, bongs made in shop class ... the once universal visuals that accompanied the stoner cliché seemed set in stone. But the cannabis aesthetic has evolved,...

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National: Mush Love: Fungi’s Naughty Side

Fungus could fun up your Valentine’s Day. In the South Pacific, legend tells of women writhing in sexual ecstasy after eating mushrooms they found growing wild in the forest. Normans fed grooms a dish made from a pound of mushrooms to prepare them for their wedding night, and Mataco Indians in Chiapas, Mexico, rubbed the red underside of...

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Foraging for Magic

Stalking the wild Azzie in the mushroom hunting capital of the Pacific Northwest The wind was blowing about 20 knots, pelting us with needles of mist, as we trudged through the dune grass with our eyes peeled. We weren’t focused, as you would expect, on the stunning shoreline and churning gray waves of Willapa Bay in our vista,...

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