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High on Color

COVID-19 lockdown sent us into our sweats. We sat in monochrome cotton surrounded by neutral-colored walls for so long our brains actually lost the ability to accurately track the passage of time. We became starved for stimulation. We spent 18 months in our khaki-colored apartments and when we came out, we collectively decided it was time to banish...

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How to Grow Tropical Plants at Home

Baby it’s cold outside, but these easy-breezy houseplants can add an instant island vibe to your home no matter what’s happening out there. Your dreams for a Caribbean getaway this year get dashed by a pandemic that most of closed the country’s borders, too? While it’s not quite the same as frolicking on sugary soft beaches flanked by...

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One-Hit Wonder

The one-hit wonder. In the world of popular music, it’s a somewhat dismissive term. It’s a slight to the bands and artists who enjoyed one hugely successful song (think “MMMbop,” “Walking on Sunshine,” or “867-5309/Jenny”), then more or less disappeared into showbiz oblivion. Personally, I would rather have one hit instead of none. And I often can. That’s...

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Vegas, Half-Vaxxed

A week before our trip, Leah sent me an article that was giving her cold feet. “Crowds swarm the Las Vegas Strip as casinos reopen,” The Hill headline screamed. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak had signed an emergency directive increasing capacity at casinos and other venues from 35 percent to 50 percent. A photo showed a throng of people,...

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Paradigm Shifter

 When women lead, communities thrive. That’s not news to female founders, entrepreneurs, and executives, nor is it a truth that’s exclusive to the cannabis industry. What is news, however, is that the balance of power is still in play in cannabis. Although the numbers of women in leadership have dwindled since 2015, when nearly 40 percent of...

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The Soundtrack for Social Justice

 Want to really feel good on 4/20? We suggest you spend $22 to download Releaf, Sensi Presents new compilation album. Yes, the beats and melodies here that move effortlessly between roots and hip-hop will get you growing no matter how you are enjoying the day—but half that purchase will go directly to an organization working to right...

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Vinyl Appeal

The Birth of Vinyl In 1877, Thomas Edison created what was known as the cylinder phonograph. While wonderful, there was no real way to mass produce it. But Emile Berliner created the mass-production flat phonograph record in the late 1880s. Berliner was able to tap methods used in a printing press to create audio recordings. As his access...

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Free Your Mind With Breath Work

Breath work is the latest trend to get people off of pharmaceuticals and in touch with their bodies. “Since age six, I had horrible chronic migraines,” Lindsay Balgooyen tells me. “I pretty much lived my entire life with a migraine.” Admittedly, I’m not expecting this. My interest in the idea of breath work started when I interviewed comedian...

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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day 2021

Couples that play together stay together, but after almost a year of quarantining together in the same ole space, it can be a challenge to keep your flame burning eternal. Or if you’ve been riding solo all this time, you’re no doubt ready to mix things up a bit. Sensi editors to the rescue. We’ve rounded up some...

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