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Plant Medicine: RAPÉH

Rapéh (pronounced “hay-peh”) is a sacred plant medicine from the Amazon region often referred to as "blank-slate-medicine." It’s non-psychoactive and totally legal, making it an amazing and powerful ally for meditation and a great entry point for people looking to experiment with more plant medicine. It's known for its grounding qualities that can help calm even the busiest...

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Standing Up for Veterans

Veterans Cannabis Project remains laser- focused on advocating for vets. According to statistics from the American Legion, 92 percent of all veterans support research into medical cannabis, and 83 per- cent of veteran households support legalizing medical cannabis. That’s why the Veterans Cannabis Project (VCP) pulls no punches when it comes to access to medical cannabis for veterans....

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Get Back in the Game

Baskin boasts CBD for athletes. In the sea of CBD options, Baskin’s CBD product, according to the company, delivers 18 percent more CBD to the human body than does its competitors, and its all-natural, long-lasting, breathable formulation is ideal for active adults. “Our crop comes from various states. Regardless of legally grown resources, the CBD used is broad...

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Come On, Get Appy

Going through something? We all experience moments when we could use some support. Some of those moments are life-changing, while others are a part of everyday life. If you need to get it off your chest, you need to get Happy, the app. Described by Vice as “like Uber but for ‘Happy Givers,’” Happy connects you to one...

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“SoCo Style” cheesecakes support college dreams. As an 18-year-old senior at El Molino High School this past year, Anamaría Morales decided to invest in her future by launching College Confectionista, a micro-cheesecake bakery in Sonoma County. In the years since, she has built a cult following for her classic and creative cheesecakes, all while graduating from Santa Rosa...

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Own a Slice of Sonoma County History

Two legacy properties invite your DIY skills and imagination. With alarming headlines showing no sign of slowing, it’s a good time to dust off your bucket list of dreams. Need help stoking the fire of your imagination? How about owning a slice of history to call your own? Two Sonoma County legacy properties recently hit the market: Each...

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Leef Organics Revive CBD Balm

Packed with complementary botanicals like calendula, lavender, and peony, Leef Organics Revive CBD Balm is a spa day in a jar. Designed to penetrate the skin to deliver cannabinoids to sore muscles and achy joints, Revive CBD Balm is rendered by slow-simmering whole hemp flowers to maximize medicinal benefits. Without any detectable THC, the healing and aromatic balm...

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Clean Cultivators

From specialized lighting to controlling environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, successfully cultivating cannabis at an indoor facility requires a lot of energy. Growers in locations with cold climates like Massachusetts often struggle to find ways to decrease their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprints. But one Bay State cannabis cultivator, Solar Therapeutics in Somerset, has...

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