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Change is Overdue

CHANGE IS OVERDUE AND IT MATTERS. BECAUSE BLACK LIVES MATTER and we need to stand up and say it, to use our platform to life up the voices of people within our communities of all races and genders and secual orientations. We need to be more diverse, more representative of our cities. WE NEED TO DO BETTER... and...

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Parties for the People: The Challenges and Rewards of Covid Era Catering

COVID-19 makes serving cannabis dinners a little more challenging and a lot more meaningful. February was an incredible month for my young business, Cannabis Kitchen Events, which provides private cannabis-infused dinners and cooking classes at people’s homes and short-term rentals in Denver. We catered our first wedding on Febraury 22, and our upcoming calendar was packed with bachelorette and birthday parties well...

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CBD in Beauty: Is it More than Skin Deep?

The “it” cannabinoid is the hottest ingredient in skincare, but will it really make you hot? The CBD beauty market is on track to reach $25 billion globally in the next 10 years—a mindblowing figure when you consider that five years ago, most of us hadn’t even heard of CBD. I hadn’t. Then I did, and soon it was everywhere, being sold as a potential cure for everything, hawked by everyone—the gas station attendant pushing CBD gummies; the elderly neighbor talking about the CBD tincture that got him back on the pickleball court; and even the girl from high school who stumbled into my DMs reciting practiced MLM scripts and urging every- one in her orbit to join her marketing mission, to get in on the...

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Fuel to the Hire: Breaking into the Canna-Career

So, you want to get a job in the cannabis industry? Better sharpen your digital networking skills. The competition is fierce.  COVID-19 has turned the cannabis job market on its head. Before the pandemic hit, employers were struggling to find and retain talent in the lightning-hot cannabis industry, which boasted one of the country’s fastest-growing job markets, with a job creation rate of 110 percent from 2017 to 2020 and a median annual salary of...

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Art in the Woods: Andres Institute of Art

Andres Institute of Art in Brookline, NH, combines an art museum experience with hiking. Enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon outdoors among dozens of original sculptures.  Visiting a museum has been tough, if not impossible, over the past several months. For safety reasons related to COVID-19, many museums around the country still remain closed. Those that have reopened have strict capacity and social distancing...

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Body Made for Bliss

One thing I’ve noticed over the years, when talking with my cannabis-using friends, is that they are more likely to say it makes them feel “normal” rather than “stoned.” I generally answer that “it keeps me balanced” or something along those lines. I would never say that about another mind-altering substances (alcohol, for instance), and it’s at least...

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